From 3rd to 6st of May 2023 Femina hosted the Advocacy at the International Level training in Vantaa to equip young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively advocate for their rights and concerns. The training was conducted by highly professional experts and young individuals who shared their experiences and expertise with the participants.

The training brought together participants from five different countries. Each partner organization sent a representative to contribute to the discussion, “Youth advocacy is utopia, as decision-makers do not believe in youth?” This discussion provided a platform for participants to delve into the challenges and perspectives surrounding youth advocacy and decision-making processes.

A significant aspect of the training was the opportunity for youth participants to visit the Finnish development NGO Fingo. This visit allowed them to gain practical skills and insights from Fingo’s advocacy work. Fingo is known for its focus on reducing inequalities and promoting human rights, which aligns with the training objectives. The visit provided valuable learning experiences and exposed the participants to real-life advocacy efforts.

The training summarized and reflected on the discussions and outcomes from previous sessions. It focused on international advocacy work, including understanding the functioning of such advocacy efforts and identifying key stakeholders who need to be engaged with to ensure that youth voices are heard.

Overall, the advocacy on international level training organized by Femina in Vantaa provided a comprehensive learning experience for the participants. Through expert-led sessions, debates, visits to organizations like Fingo, and the final session’s reflections, the training aimed to empower young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in effective advocacy at an international level. By exploring the challenges and perspectives of youth advocacy, the training encouraged participants to actively participate in decision-making processes and ensure that their voices are heard on issues that affect them.

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