It is a 3 full-day conference and annual meeting, that bringing together a unique European network of civil society organizations to discuss the role of civil society in achieving global sustainable development goals, raising awareness of 4 key issues, promoting peace, good practice and innovative methodologies and existing solutions, and solidarity with European civil society, democracy and democracy, peace support.  In particular, pay attention to the European community to end the Russian – Ukrainian conflict and resolve it through diplomacy.

In addition, we will identify the main obstacles we face to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals in an increasingly digital society, rising unemployment and a divided society, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused the global crisis. We will focus on promoting international dialogue in reconciling societies with their environment and closing the divide that divides them.

During the event, participants will listen to inspiring keynote speakers; share their opinions, and knowledge and gain new experiences by meeting with organizations / young people/colleagues from different NGOs, and the companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations and international funds, etc. The program is run by a competent Estonian and International team and the experts/speakers involved.


The delegates are invited to participate in European Annual Conference by submitting their applications.

If your application has been accepted, we request each delegate to confirm their participation in 2 days by sending a letter to  or by phone +358 404145844 / +37253267778

The Conference is supported by the National Civil Society Foundation and the Nordic Council of Ministers Estonian office.

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