5-6 August 2022, Riga, Latvia

Members of Femina ry from 5 to 6 August 2022 took part in the last partners and experts meeting during the project “Together towards green, sustainable and digital society of Nordic-Baltic region 2021-2022”.

The main idea of the project was very interesting for us. We had the chance to be part of this great project and work with the whole team. We were able to contribute, through our vision, experience, and knowledge, to the book. 

Participating in the creation of such a book is a great pride since it allows the development of the concept of SDG education and builds bridges of dialogue and cooperation. 

The main goal of the transnational partner and experts meeting is to contribute to the process of development of educational toolkit and web-resource, by collecting materials, best practices and new methodologies for adult learners and hearing adults & vulnerable groups own thoughts, ideas and experiences of on themes related with sustainable development.

On the third partners & experts meeting (final) we will make public presentation of main practical outcomes of the project (educational toolkit, web-resource for adult students/learners/experts,) and established sustainable network, will summarise all project results and present follow up activities as on regional and local level. Also partners and experts will have a discussion about impact of Nordic-Baltic SDGs network on the adult learners and own organisations. Also we will look into interrelation with formal, non-formal adult education and learning processes in relation with SDG themes.

Project meeting results:

– Public presentation of practical project outcomes

– Sustainable network (coalition of educators, NGOs and involved vulnerable groups / representatives etc)

– Presentation of follow up activities for 2022-2024 and exchange of joint future project ideas

More information on: www.unsdg.ee

Project is cofinanced by Nordplus Adult programm of Nordic Council and international partners

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