We believe in nurturing creativity, confidence, and communication skills among children and young people. Our initiatives include:

  • Drama and Music Classes: These classes encourage creativity, self-confidence, and effective communication.
  • Youth Camps: Providing opportunities for skill development, new friendships, and exploration of interests.
  • Debates: Fostering critical thinking and respectful expression of opinions.

Nordic Culture Future – Children & Youth Vision 2030

Learn, Create, Cooperate & Perform

The creative programme for children and young people aims to enhance creativity and skills in
performing arts and culture through collaborative learning, discussion and co-creation of performances that are based on Nordic culture (languages, art, and culture) and its sustainable relationship to nature, gender equality and social solidarity.

The programm aims to ignite the curiosity and passion of children and young people, fostering their active participation in cultural and artistic endeavors. By enhancing access to culture and promoting an understanding of Nordic heritage, we aspire to create a sustainable connection between culture, nature, gender equality, and social solidarity.


  1. Inspire Creativity: Encourage cultural innovation and sustainability as integral tools for young people’s everyday lives.
  2. Cultural Communication: Facilitate cross-Nordic communication among youth, fostering collaboration and creativity.
  3. Common Goals: Recognize the benefits of transcending cultural boundaries, emphasizing shared objectives and a collective future.

Target Audience:

  • Children and Youth: Aged 8 to 26 years, these individuals are the heart of our project.
  • Creativity Field Experts: Professionals working with children, supporting their artistic development.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Educational and Cultural Institutions: Vital partners in promoting cultural awareness.
  • Children, Youth, and Civil Society Organizations: Active contributors to the project’s success.
  • Youth and Creative Networks: Collaborators in shaping the future of Nordic culture.
  • Local Communities: The foundation for fostering creativity and cultural exchange.


  • Society as a Whole: Enriched by cultural vibrancy and youth engagement.
  • Educational and Cultural Institutions: Empowered to nurture creativity.
  • Professionals in Sustainable Development Fields: Inspired by innovative approaches.
  • Local Governments and Nordic Institutions: Strengthened through cultural cooperation.

Artistic and Cultural Quality:

Our project relies on the talent and dedication of carefully selected children and young individuals. Their positive impact on both themselves and society drives the development of Nordic culture. Through a symbiosis of arts and performance, we elevate the quality of artistic expression and celebrate our shared heritage.

Together, we weave a vibrant tapestry of creativity, bridging generations and shaping a brighter cultural future.


Stage 1: Learn

  • Local Workshops for Children & Youth (September 2024):
    • In each partner country, we host two local creative workshops. These workshops delve into Nordic culture, emphasizing its sustainable relationship with nature, gender equality, and social solidarity.
    • Our goal? To nurture young minds, sparking curiosity and understanding through creative content development.

Stage 2: Create

  • Cooperation Meeting and Creative Workshops in Espoo (November 2024):
    • Eight participants from each country convene in Espoo. Here, we explore the essence of our cooperation program, exchange best practices, and select core ideas.
    • Simultaneously, children and youth engage in a pivotal creative workshop. Within these artistic realms, they craft content for future performances, gaining fresh experiences and pioneering innovative approaches.

Stage 3: Cooperate & Perform

  • II Creative Workshop in Denmark (February 2025):
    • Our journey nears completion as eight representatives per country gather in Denmark.
    • Here, we finalize performance content, conduct initial rehearsals, and unveil the children and youth vision for the future of Nordic culture.
  • Nordic Culture Conference and Performance Day in Göteborg, Sweden (March 23, 2025):
    • A momentous occasion! Ten participants per country, including experts (both physical and virtual), converge in Göteborg.
    • The conference serves as a nexus for shared experiences, best practices, and deeper insights into the Nordic culture’s future. We listen to the voices of children and youth, witnessing the transformative power of arts within the context of sustainability, gender equality, and social solidarity.
    • Let us celebrate their achievements and forge lasting collaborations, recognizing that Culture is our unique tool—a bridge connecting generations and shaping a brighter tomorrow.