Femina RY representatives have signed a collaboration agreement and took part at the international “Security and Civil Society Conference 2023” in Estonia.

For Femina RY official representatives (Viivi Wallenius ja Artun Ojala) and its members, the beginning of February 2023 became very proactive as we were heading to meet with “Green Habito” network members to sign collaboration agreements (betwen Denmark – Finland and Norway – Finland) and take part in the international security and civil Society Conference 2023 titled “Reflections on Security: International Community, CSOs and their contribution for a more secure and sustainable Europe”. The conference was dedicated to explore the various options to achieve peace and democracy in regional conflicts and support international cooperation in the achievement of UN SDGs.

The main goal of the conference is to try to adequately understand and decipher today’s exceptionally effective and large tangle of crises. The conference included an intensive programme of high-level discussions, working groups, development of the civil society and “Green Habito” network declaration to the international community to end the war in Ukraine and support the peace process.

This conference was an opportunity to reaffirm the significance of the importance of the work of the European Union, NATO, OSCE and its member states plus CSOS for promoting peace on the continent and achieving a safer, greener, socially sustainable and digitally integrated community.For our organisation this was a great opportunity to learn about international security and civil society development opportunities in terms of sustainability questions, to find new partners across Nordic and Baltic regions, to write a new collaboration proposal and express our worries about the need to support CSOs in that difficult time. As results of this interesting gathering of Green Habito network (which we are members)and international conference, we have created a new project dedicated to promote sustainable development and particularly fight with climate change and overconsumption in our communities, secondly we got new skills and knowledge on the topics covered by the conference experts and we got new motivation to work together with CSOs and stakeholders to more secure, socially sustainable and digitally integrated world.

We would like to say big thank you for key organisers (Sillamäe Society For Child Welfare, Green Habito management and Estonian Government) and funders (European Regional Development Fund through Enterprise Estonia, British Council, Estonian National Foundation of Civil Society, Nordic Council Of Ministers’ Estonian Office Support) of this conference for their contributions and support of international collaboration, continues work to keep dialogue between different actors.We hope to deepen our collaboration with CSOs and different stakeholders of Nordic-Baltic regions and of course across the EU.

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