The first international training improved youth and educators’ competencies and gained new skills on gender equality, pay gap, equal treatment, family models, and gender roles questions and allowed participants to be multipliers.

In the meeting, we begin the development of the Educational Toolkit and Web resource (as the primary practical outcome of the project) and discuss the impact of gender equality and equal treatment in policy-making, social life and interrelation with formal, non-formal education and learning processes in relation with SDG themes.

In the international training, we provided constructive knowledge and skills on gender equality in the education system to ensure early intervention in perpetuating prejudices and stereotypes.

The presentations were delivered by Malin Gustavsson, Laura Hagström and Virve Savoila (Ekvalita, Finland), Susanne Kallanvaara (Burgårdens Gymnasium, Sweden), Ivan Vasilevskikh and Alejandra Cordero Hansen (Copenhagen Business Academy students, Denmark), Reet Laja (The Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre, Estonia) and Barbi Pilvre Strongard (Tallinn University Researcher, Estonia)

The meeting is based on norm criticism, 4R, and active participation methods, and it’s dedicated to enthusiastic young people & educators.

We combine norm criticism with other tools and techniques (GET, the Staircase Models, or the 4R). Training will provide students and educators with the necessary basic skills and knowledge on gender equality and reveal the link between power relations and norms.

Main practical outcomes: Youth Network / Gender Journey Toolkit / Web-resource / Guidelines for the youth and educational institutions on integration of Gender Equality at all levels / new skills and knowledge.

More about project and its activities on:

Project is financed by Nordic Culture Point (Norden 0–30 grant programme)

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