Femina ry representatives participated in the I international training during the project “SPREADING, EMPOWERING AND IMPROVING GREEN HABITO NETWORK” in Helsinki.

The training theme,”Empowerment of sustainability at the local level by reducing overconsumption”, is particularly relevant in today’s world as we face the challenges of climate change and resource scarcity.

The training covered many important topics, including sustainable development goals, reducing overconsumption, capacity building, and communication networking using the Nordic-Baltic approach.

The training provided participants with new skills and knowledge on CSO and community adaptation for a sustainable lifestyle, green transition and organisation resource efficient management, communication, digital society, advocacy and networking.

The session on “Communication and Networking in the Promotion of SDGs at the Community Level” and visited to Helsinki focused on green solutions and discovering urban space were both very important aspects of the I international training.

Communication is essential for raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and mobilising people to take action to achieve them. The session on communication and networking taught participants how to communicate effectively about the SDGs to their communities and how to build partnerships with other organisations to promote sustainable development.

The visit to Helsinki focused on green solutions, and discovering urban space allowed participants to see firsthand how Helsinki works to become a more sustainable city. Participants visited various green projects, including a sustainable neighbourhood, a green roof, and a waste-to-energy plant. They also learned about Helsinki’s urban planning process and how the city works to create a more livable and sustainable urban environment.

Overall, the I international training “Empowerment of sustainability at the local level by reducing overconsumption” in Helsinki was a precious event for participants. The skills and knowledge they gained will help them positively contribute to sustainable development in their communities and countries.


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